Register for Offers

Register for Offers

How do I register to get offers?

You don't have to register to "receive" offers… as a member of RewardsCentral, you will automatically receive offers as soon they are available.

Instead, you just need to wait until an offer is shown here, and then you register to take up that particular offer. You will also be notified if you have any offers available whenever you are signed in to RewardsCentral.

What is Register for Offers?

Register for Offers is a feature that lets you:

  • Register for some free services;
  • Register to trial a product or service;
  • Register your interest to receive more information about a product or service.

Some of the offers here may give you reward points, some of them may not. Either way, you're guaranteed to find out about some great offers, possibly save some money, and possibly earn some points.

I answered a question in an offer incorrectly. Can I try again?
No, you must answer correctly on the first go in order to earn points. If you answered incorrectly, you will not receive any points.

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