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Free Guessing Game

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Drawn at
Jan 27 2022 11:00AM
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6 hours 54 minutes

To play, enter a number from 1 to 10,000 in each box.

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Jan 26 2022 11:00AM
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Free Guessing Game Winners

"WOW... Log on and find that I have 14,000 points more than I had yesterday, largest win before this (and only one) was 2,000 and I have been using the same numbers since 2003, only 9 days until Christmas and I am stoked... thank you very much and Happy Christmas to all members out there."
Michael G. WA

"I would just like to say what a surprise it was to win 2000 points in the guessing game, thank you so much."
Christina F. WA

"What a surprise, I actually won the Guessing Game. It is worth entering every day."
Jeanette F. QLD

"Wow! What a wonderful Christmas present! I just won 2,000 points in the Guessing Game. I have been a member since 2003 and this is my first big win! Thanks so much! Wishing everyone at RewardsCentral a very Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year - look forward to more rewards in 2016!"
Zak D. NSW

"Was very surprised and extremely happy to log in to RewardsCentral and discover I had won 14,000 points in the Free Guessing Game, just before Christmas. Thank you RewardsCentral, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"
Justine B. WA

"Just like to say thanks for the 2000 points in the guessing game. When I get a web click as the points don't click & add on to my points automatically I have to click on points to get them to add on, when i did web click today & went to my points, I wondered where the 2000 pts came from & saw I had won the guessing game this morning, was very excited to have won. It was a good feeling to have won, maybe my luck is changing for the better. Have popped it into the bank."
Margaret H. NSW

"Where do I start, what a fantastic surprise when my brain finally clicked I had won 2,000 points in the guessing game, I had just a while ago transferred a whole heap of points to the fantastic eBank and it wasn’t until then I realised, hang on I shouldn’t have all these points until I checked my account. Thanks RewardsCentral and double thanks to the Guessing Game."
Doug F. VIC

"It was a pleasant surprise when I opened up RewardsCentral to find I had won 2,000 points after nearly 8 years of being a member. Let's hope this will be the beginning of some more surprises."
Diane P. QLD

"I have been a member for many years and was so excited when I logged in today and found I had won 2,000 points in the free guessing game. I stick to the same numbers in a certain range and change them about every six months. I have cashed out more than $1000 over the past 2 years and am now on my way to the 2013 end of year cash out thanks to the 2,000 points I have just won. With online shopping partners, free guessing games as well as many other ways to turn points into dollars you would have to be crazy not to join. Thank you RewardsCentral you are truly the best site that actually pay real money to people for their loyalty."
Sharon G. VIC

"A very big thank you for the 2,000 points I won in the guessing game, it was an auto pick I did and I will put these points in my ebank, I am so thrilled it is the first time I have won a big prize in the 3 years I have been playing. Many many thanks."
June C. QLD

"OMG I won 4,000 points in the Guessing Game!! Lately I have been very consistent at entering it every day. Sometimes I use the autopick feature but I usually go with my gut instinct and press the numbers quickly. I plan to request a $30 cheque and keep the balance in my account. Many thanks."
Lynne S. NSW

"Thanks RewardCentral! Have been a member for 10 years and have been playing the guessing game since it started, with a couple of previous 200 point wins. 2000 points is exciting! Hadn't even realised I'd won till I received the email. Have been using the same autopick numbers for a while. The points will be banked in the eBank to build up the point tally for future use. Thanks again."
Ursula H. NSW

"I was surprised to win the guessing game as I had an accident over Christmas and had time to surf the net and play games! It is a welcome change of luck. The 2000 points will be enough for me to get my first RewardsCentral payment, at a time when it will really come in handy! Thanks RewardsCentral!"
Brendan M. QLD

"I have been a RewardsCentral member almost for as long as it has existed, and have been playing the guessing game almost every day. Winning a couple of hundred points here and there in the previous guessing game was pretty normal, but winning 2000 points - indescribable! How did I do it? Picking the same numbers every time. I plan to put my points in the eBank until I find a good use for them. Thanks RewardsCentral!"
Mark D. WA

"I spent a long period of my life abroad, based in Ireland, playing music. On my return in 2005 I began studying and retraining. Around that time I began to utilize the RewardsCentral site. I won several times in the first few years and would regularly receive cheques, which were most welcome. Once the extra digit was added I thought it would be much harder to win, but seems it didn’t take too long at all. The way I pick numbers is basically to take a number which wins and reverse it, especially so if it contains any of my three lucky numbers... keep up the great work, rare to find a site which gives and not takes."
Gary M. VIC

"Wow! What a surprise, I have won a couple of times over the years I have been playing, when it was 200 points but I never ever thought I would win this much! I won 8000 points, a big thank you to RewardsCentral. I use the same numbers over and over, and only change them once in a blue moon. What a nice early Christmas present."
Glenyce H. ACT

"Thank you so much, I have been playing for many years and only won once when the prize was a mere 200. I used to play the same numbers over and over and won nothing, then I started to use the auto pick and as long there was a at least one 2 digit number I would stick with those numbers for a week or two. It's finally all paid off. Thank you again."
Belinda K. SA

"I was very surprised to sign in and see an extra 2000 points and very pleased. I've won a few times in the past when it was 200, but I never imagined I would be lucky enough to match any numbers with the new prize amount. I just use a quick pick and occasionally use previous guesses. I will ebank my winnings and save up towards Christmas next year. It just goes to show you really do have to be in it to win it."
Nicole B. QLD

"Thank you RewardsCentral. I have been a member for many years. I recently won 2000 points on the guessing game. I use the same numbers every day and only once before had a win of 200 points. Entering competitions is a hobby, along with various arts and crafts subjects. Growing older gives me the luxury of time to enjoy these pursuits but without doubt, the number one joy of life these days is the grandchildren."
Beth W. NSW

"I was so shocked to sign in to my RewardsCentral page and discover that I had won 2000 points! I have been playing the game for years now and have only won the 200 points in the old game a couple of times. I stick to the same numbers each day and finally my luck paid off! I plan to put the points into ebank to save up for a gift card to buy an iPod."
Nina M. VIC

"I have been playing the guessing game pretty much since it started... I won once when it was only 200 points for each correct guess but then nothing for ages. But now I have won 2000 points twice in less than a month! The first time was with the same 7 numbers I had always used, but then I changed to autopick and occasionally 'previous numbers' and I can't believe I won again so quickly.I've got quite a few RewardsCentral points now, but I still haven't decided what to do with them. Maybe wait for the next time they auction a car?"
Rhys T. NSW

"I am so pleased to have won 2000 points in the guessing game? I just have the same numbers I always use and all it takes is two or three clicks and the entry is in! So I won't be changing them now, there may be another win around the corner! Thanks RewardsCentral, I'll probably use the win to go towards gold membership."
Michelle B. QLD

Every day at 11:00am a number from 1 to 10,000 will be drawn at random. Correctly guess the winning number and you'll win 2,000 points. Depending on your Exp, and how you play the game, you could win up to 14,000 points.

Playing the game is absolutely free, but you need at least 20 Exp before you can play.

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"Image my surprise and joy when I logged in and found I had won 2000 points. So excited. I play the same numbers and only change them rarely and to find I won is wonderful. Thank you so much."
Cheryl G. QLD