What Other Members Say

What Other Members Say

"I joined RewardsCentral for a few reasons and to see it pay is even more exciting. I just love having my say in all the surveys and polls. I get to express my opinion with ease and fun through a great online service whilst receiving bonuses and points."

Shane, Montrose, TAS
"I joined 'RewardsCentral' for a few reasons and to see it pay is even more exciting. I just love having my say in all the surveys and polls. I get to express my opinion with ease and fun through a great online service whilst receiving bonuses and points. "

Shane, Montrose, TAS
"I've been a RewardsCentral member for about 6 months and have loved every minute! Before I was buying flowers, movies and gifts on line about once or twice a month and not getting any benefit, now I get extra gifts and points for every purchase - how good is that!!"

Tamra, Leanyer, NT
"I joined RewardsCentral a couple of years ago and realised that I can make extra cash by doing a few simple tasks, as well as buying items through RewardsCentral Partners. I have also sold items, as well as given a few things away to those requesting them."

Phil, Enfield, SA
"RewardsCentral is not only unique in that there is so much to keep me entertained on the site, but it allows me to log in daily to get points through just clicking and deposit them in the ebank where I can watch my points grow!"

Kelly, Kincumber, NSW
"I enjoy earning points that I can convert to cash to purchase items on the RewardsCentral website. There is so much to see and do! It's great fun to earn points just for reading an email, shopping with various reward partners or participating in a survey - it's that simple."

Rena, Balcatta, WA
"RewardsCentral is awesome! It's simple and fun... There are great rewards to earn throughout the website."

Ken, Vermont South, VIC
Regina, Diamond Creek, VIC
I joined RewardsCentral because of the benefits you can receive. You don't have to spend money to earn money and your time is appreciated. There are many great areas on the site to either play games... or go shopping and feel secure with your cash.
Jessi, East Brisbane, QLD
RewardsCentral has been a great procrastination tool whilst I've been studying! I have enjoyed taking time out to complete the surveys and browse the various sights that are sent to me through Reward Mail - and all the while making a little extra cash to top up my student wages!
Jan, Forster, NSW
I have been a RewardsCentral member for years. I do my gift and computer shopping online through RewardsCentral. It's great!
Rick, Surfers Paradise, QLD
I truly believe RewardsCentral Australia is the best market research firm, because their rewards are both more generous, and more relevant than their competitors. If I were only allowed membership to one survey organisation, it would definitely be RewardsCentral Australia.
Nicole, Brisbane, QLD
RewardsCentral is quick and easy to use! As a student and part-time worker I still manage to find the time to fill out surveys and read reward mail! Unlike other survey sites, RewardsCentral has offers and services that are rewarding, money-saving and FUN!
Belinda, Deception Bay, QLD
I enjoy participating in the surveys. I even had the opportunity to participate in a further survey and was able to taste a new cereal that was yet to hit the stores. It feels good to be rewarded for having my say!
Christo, Waverton, NSW
I could do with a few extra dollars to enjoy myself. I have a little bit of spare time and nothing could be easier than reading an email and answering questions, except for earning cash just by doing my normal online shopping. Too easy! Thanks RewardsCentral.
Matthew, Burton, SA
I just LOVE RewardsCentral! Never have I been with a reward program where they give me points for doing what I do on the internet. And it's REAL cash! No catches or loopholes!
Esra, Mudgee, NSW
At RewardsCentral I love completing surveys and emails and earning reward points for them. I turn the points I earn into cash. It's easy, fun and rewarding for me. RewardsCentral is the only program that has achieved my expectations.
Melissa, Calwell, ACT
RewardsCentral is so much fun and so easy to use; they send you emails and surveys that give you points that accumulate that you can then change into cash!! Then there's the bonus points for shopping where YOU want.
Sharyn, Laura, SA
I love RewardsCentral for its choices, flexibility and freedom to choose when and where I spend my time on the computer. The variety, the choices and the rewards all make this site fantastic!
Belinda, Morley, WA
When it comes to shopping online, I love not having to leave home during housework and study time. RewardsCentral provides me with great deals I would otherwise have searched hours for. The idea that I get rewarded for every dollar I spend is just a bonus.
Laura, Blacktown, NSW
I love RewardsCentral because I can earn points doing what I love - surfing the net and shopping online! I get emailed fantastic offers and I can shop from the comfort of my lounge room.
Andrew, Gin Gin, QLD
I love being a member of RewardsCentral because it is the best online social and fun network I have ever seen. I accumulate points every time I enter the members' page and answer daily survey questions. I can also win lots of points by getting involved with online activities, and can convert points to cash for pocket money.
Revel, Hallidays Point, NSW
I like RewardsCentral because of the rewards you get from nothing but being online!! The surveys are enjoyable and you can earn a bit of cash while you're at it.
Karyn, Gosnells, WA
I had never shopped online until joining RewardsCentral. I will be doing all my online shopping through RewardsCentral from now on because I can buy the things I want and be rewarded. This site is great!!!
Simmone, Nyah, VIC
I love RewardsCentral. I have a new baby at home and being a member of RewardsCentral makes it exciting to log on every morning to see if I have received any new surveys and then spend my points online without leaving the house!
Natasha, Southbank, VIC
RewardsCentral is original, easy to use - and I gain reward points for doing something FUN! I receive cash for simply completing interesting questionnaires and playing games online, or I can watch my money grow in the Virtual Bank - it doesn't get better than that! Hooray RewardsCentral!!!
Denisa, Palm Beach, QLD
RewardsCentral is the best site I have ever visited. I am a member of all the sites available in Australia where you can earn cash and none of them are so rewarding, so fast in updating your balance and give so many offers. This year I've received two cash outs and my balance is nearly up to the next one.
Elizabeth, Lithgow, SA
I have been a RewardsCentral member since March 2001. It's easy to earn reward points just by clicking a few buttons. I've bought great bargains from the Reward Partners where I also earn extra points. I'm looking forward to a bonus gift when I reach 500 experience points shortly.
Kerry, Primrose Sands, TAS
RewardsCentral is fun & fabulous. You get rewarded for shopping or giving your opinion. How good is that? The web site is easy to navigate, it couldn't be easier.
Kerrie-Anne, Dundas Valley, NSW
I like RewardsCentral because you can gain great rewards while you shop online, also you can earn extra money while doing what you like online. You don't just have to shop online to gain reward points you can do online surveys and read emails.
Adrian, Thornlands, QLD
I have found RewardsCentral to be the EASIEST way to earn money and reap the beneficial rewards it has to offer! RewardsCentral offers its users FREE membership with the added opportunity to earn REAL MONEY, participate in exclusive offers, discount purchases...and win competitions.
Samantha, Hurstville, NSW
I love RewardsCentral because it's entertaining, fun and you get to voice your opinion and be paid for it. It's easy to navigate around the website and you can track your own points and decide how you want to spend them. What more could you ask for!
Alan, Victoria Point, QLD
I'm extremely grateful to have RewardsCentral as part of my life as it has helped me to save on heaps of products that I have bought online.
Siobhan, Northbridge, NSW
I was hesitant, but it was a great decision to join - you get rewarded for doing almost nothing!!! There are heaps of reward partners - everyone loves something for nothing!!!
Phillip, Mt Druitt, NSW
I like the surveys as I'm a total dedicated survey taker and RewardsCentral surveys are always fun to do and even make me think as well unlike other surveys I do. The benefits are the points which are quite generous if I qualify and even if I don't, I still get rewarded a small amount.
Les, West Wodonga, VIC
With RewardsCentral you are rewarded while having fun and learning about great offers. The site is simple to navigate and the content is always challenging and interesting. I have been a member for many years & thoroughly recommend RewardsCentral.
Karl, Eastern Heights, QLD
RewardsCentral is great for the online shopping experience with fantastic rewards. Gold membership is even better. I use it so much it's now my homepage. My recommendation is to check RewardsCentral first before buying what you need and you'll find a great deal AND be rewarded for it.
Jamie, The Gap, QLD
I never thought I could have so much fun just shopping online. There are great benefits too. I got a check for $30 just for browsing the site and answering emails. I have told all my friends about this site. Get in! I have never been rewarded like this from any other site.
Ria, Riverhills, QLD
My favourite part of RewardsCentral is the article section in the magazine. I have a good laugh, cry and feel enlightened from the different hints, tips and stories. To earn rewards is an extra special bonus.
Emma, Redwood Park, SA
I love RewardsCentral because you can earn real money for free! I have never bought anything online and I am about to receive a $30 cash out! Imagine what will happen when I buy products online through RewardsCentral! Who else gives you more money to spend when you purchase something?
Deanna, Homebush West, NSW
RewardsCentral is great — it's just like an extra bank account. I have banked my RewardsCentral points and I have already earned 434 points already. I can also have the money sent to me by direct deposit but I would prefer to invest my points where they will grow.
Matthew, Glebe, NSW
Something new happens every day from receiving an easy $5 survey to reading Reward Mail. Best of all, you will be rewarded for shopping online with Reward Partners. You'll never be disappointed and I personally recommend everyone to join the RewardsCentral family today!
Samm, Panorama, SA
I buy a lot of games and DVDs online with my own money and with the extra points I get from RewardsCentral I get money to buy more games. By using RewardsCentral I'm actually getting a discount of $1 or $2 per item but that quickly adds up!
Christine, Macquarie Fields, NSW
I love RewardsCentral because it's a site where members can gain points to trade for cash/prizes. RewardsCentral is great & has so much to offer plus joining up is FREE!!! I enjoy participating in online quizzes because I like my opinion to be heard and at RewardsCentral it is.
Tracey, Paradise Point, QLD
It's a great and easy way to make cash online without any risks. I love the quick surveys and the ability to buy online and earn reward points. Also a good little feature is the games where I can also earn reward points while playing their little games. It's good to get Reward Mail that I can earn points as well.
Robert, Yarralumla, ACT
Pharmaceuticals, flowers, and books are my favourite RewardsCentral purchases. I've found new companies to deal with and received really good deals - and points! You can convert your points to prizes or cash, but the really great thing is you can earn interest on your points until you're ready to spend!
Ann, Mermaid Waters, QLD
It's my early morning ritual. I get a perverse kick out of earning 5c in 10 seconds. I say "Goodie!" when Reward Mail arrives. I'm not a gambler, but the guessing game is free, so why not?
Vera, Woodcroft, SA
RewardsCentral has saved me heaps of money by putting me in touch with companies I would otherwise have not been aware of. For instance, Inkman can deliver ink cartridges at less than half the price in the shops. Fantastic!
Josie, Craigieburn, VIC
It's easy to join, you get paid for having fun. Doing surveys, reading emails and shopping online. The discounts I have received at my local retailers, and the cash I have earned has increased my finances by far.
Bas, Crawley, WA
The best thing about RewardsCentral is that it isn't hard to get free rewards points, through Reward Mail, games and surveys; I don't even need to spend money online to get reward points - it's seriously that easy!