What are RewardsCentral surveys?

RewardsCentral Surveys are market research surveys that ask you general questions about your lifestyle and habits. Depending on the length of each survey, you could earn hundreds of points or more!

RewardsCentral never gives your email address to any other company. The invitations to participate in surveys are only sent by RewardsCentral, even though the survey may be run by a different company.

RewardsCentral surveys should never ask you for your personal details. All RewardsCentral surveys can be completed anonymously.

Why do surveys?

It is through your answers that future products are developed and created.

For example, a toothpaste company is trying to develop a new toothpaste product. Before the development of this new product, they need to know certain information which is vital to the overall image of the product and its future success.

This includes things such as:

  • The flavour type and its name;
  • The packaging;
  • If there is a demand for this toothpaste in the market;
  • Cost.

A company would not develop a new product without conducting research. Through a survey panel like RewardsCentral, they can find out the opinions and preferences of the future consumers of their product.

RewardsCentral is a link between the toothpaste company and the consumer panel. As part of our panel, you have the choice to complete this survey and make your opinion count in developing the new product.

When enough data is collected, RewardsCentral will close the survey and analyze the data. Based on the data collected, the toothpaste company is able to make decisions on the development of their product and its promotion. Because of the survey, the company is more confident about the launch of the product, and you win because you have helped to create and influence the product, and you have been rewarded for your time.

Why don't I receive surveys?

RewardsCentral cannot guarantee that you will receive surveys.

You will only be asked to do a survey if your rewards profile fits the requirements of our market research partner. For example, our market research partner might only want people between 30 and 40 years of age who do the household grocery shopping.

You will be invited by email to do a survey if your rewards profile fits. You can not simply request to do a survey whenever you want.

How do I complete a survey?

An RewardsCentral survey is just like any other online form. You select an answer by clicking on the radio button next to it. For questions where multiple selections are allowed, click on the checkbox next to each option you want.

  • After filling in a page, click on the Next arrow at the bottom, don't just hit the Enter key.
  • If you need to go back, use the Back arrow at the bottom, not your browser's back button.
  • If you don't want to complete a survey, or you want to stop halfway through and finish it later, use the Quit or Suspend button at the bottom. Do not just close the window.

A survey could take from just 5 minutes to over 1 hour to complete.

How many points will I earn for each survey?

The number of points you earn is normally in proportion to how many questions you respond to in the survey. Most surveys will have many different "exits". Even if the maximum points available for a survey is 200 points, the reward points that you earn will depend on where you exit the survey. If you exit the survey early, you may only receive an entry into the Prize Competition.

For example, a company is looking for females over the age of 32 to complete a survey. The first question in this survey may ask what your gender is. If you answer male and the survey client is looking for females, then you will be screened out. This means that you are not eligible to complete the rest of the survey. If you are screened out you will be given a small reward, for example 1 competition entry.

A survey could comprise multiple stages, and depending on your answers you may only qualify to complete the earlier stages and not the final stages. In this case you would be awarded points commensurate with how many stages you have completed. For example a screen out would receive 1 competition entry, completion of stage 1 would earn 100 points, completion of stage 2 would earn 150 points, and completion of stage 3 would earn 250 points. In each case, you wouldn't be told which stage you have reached... you would only see a message stating that you have "completed" the survey, even if you haven't actually completed the entire survey to the final stage.

If you close the browser window part way through a survey or if a technical error prevents you from fully completing the survey, you will not earn any reward points.

The diagram below illustrates some of these situations.

Survey points diagram

Why haven't I received my points yet?

Sometimes there can be a delay from when you complete the survey until when you receive the points. It can be up to two months for some surveys. Please have patience.

Please allow at least two months for points to be credited to your account for a survey.

Why does it take so long to receive Survey points?

RewardsCentral surveys are run in conjunction with market research companies from around the world. Of course RewardsCentral keeps your personal details private and secure, but these research companies provide the survey software that allows you to enter your anonymous responses.

Keeping track of who has been invited to do a survey, who has completed the survey, and how many points they should each get, and all the time maintaining anonymity for the respondents is a mammoth task requiring considerable technology and cooperation between various companies. Because of this, delays are almost inevitable.

Sometimes, points can be awarded instantly. At other times points cannot be awarded until the survey has closed and all members have responded. Or another possibility is that the results need to be processed before points can be awarded.

Rest assured RewardsCentral is constantly working to ensure that members who participate in RewardsCentral surveys get the points they deserve as soon as possible.

What happens if I cheat or answer dishonestly on a survey?
If you answer surveys dishonestly you may be black-listed from future surveys, you may lose all of your reward points and your account may be cancelled.

It is very important that survey respondents answer accurately and honestly, to ensure the validity of market research studies.

Some members will "cheat" on their survey, thinking that this will help them to get more points or get more surveys. However the inconsistency can be detected, RewardsCentral flags that member as a cheating member and the end result is that the cheating member gets less points and less surveys. Many times the cheating member's account is also cancelled.

How does RewardsCentral detect if a member is cheating on a survey?

RewardsCentral and the market research companies that conduct the surveys have in place a number of measures, checks and systems to identify the small number of people that answer surveys dishonestly.

Here are some examples of how RewardsCentral checks for dishonesty and cheating in surveys:

  • The same factual question (eg. "Are you male or female?") is asked in two different surveys. If the person answering gives a different answer to each, it is considered strong evidence that the person is not answering truthfully;
  • The same question is asked twice in the one survey, once at the beginning and once at the end. This catches out people who answer dishonestly, as often they are not paying full attention and so give a different answer the second time the question is asked.

Are my responses in surveys kept private?

The results of this survey are completely confidential and your privacy is assured.

Sometimes a survey will ask for identifiable information, for the purposes of contacting you about a followup survey or product testing. If no such information is collected within the survey, then your responses will be completely anonymous. No one will try to sell you anything as a result of completing this survey.

Why is it important to be honest and accurate in surveys?

Online market research is a serious business. The information you provide in online surveys can influence some very important decisions. For this reason, the responses you give to survey questions must be true and accurate, so that the companies relying on the survey results have the very best information on which to base their decisions.

RewardsCentral has a number of techniques and systems in place to ensure that members respond with considered, truthful answers. If we have strong evidence to suggest a member is not giving accurate and considered responses, we will take action including imposing a points penalty or cancelling that member's account.

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