RewardsCentral Promise

RewardsCentral Promise


RewardsCentral has been paying out real rewards to members since it started in 1999.

RewardsCentral will always pay you the rewards you deserve, providing you always do the right thing.

This means, you will always receive your rewards, as long as you:

  • Don't create more than one RewardsCentral membership account;
  • Don't allow anyone else to use your RewardsCentral membership account, and don't use anyone else's RewardsCentral membership account;
  • Don't provide false or misleading information in your RewardsCentral account settings or RewardsCentral profile;
  • Answer all surveys honestly;
  • Act with honesty and integrity in all of your dealings with RewardsCentral and its partners and suppliers;
  • The RewardsCentral Rewards Promise
  • Follow all instructions, rules and policies correctly;
  • Comply with all other terms in the RewardsCentral Terms of Service.

For more information, view the RewardsCentral Terms of Service.


The personal information you enter on the RewardsCentral website is kept 100% private and confidential.

  • Information you provide in the account settings page such as your email address, postal address or phone number is never shared with any other company - unless you explicitly give us permission to do so, or if it is required by law.
  • Information you provide in the profile is only used by RewardsCentral to send appropriate email rewards and surveys to you. This information is never given to advertisers and market research companies in a way that can be used to identify you.

Please note that sometimes RewardsCentral may send you email or surveys where the advertiser or market research company (a "third party") asks you to fill in your personal information. It is your choice whether you provide that personal information to the third party.

For more information, view the RewardsCentral Privacy Policy.

The RewardsCentral Privacy Promise