Compare RewardsCentral

Compare RewardsCentral

Are all paid survey web sites the same? NO!

RewardsCentral believes it's important for you to know the facts. Here they are:

  • Many survey web sites do not pay you guaranteed reward points for completing surveys
  • Many survey web sites do not give you anything for participating in surveys, unless you qualify and complete the survey
  • By joining survey web sites that only give you a chance to win and not guaranteed rewards, you are contributing to a decline in rewards payouts across all paid survey sites on the Internet
Type of reward RewardsCentral surveys Chance to win a share of $5,000 survey site Other survey web sites
Daily free survey rewards
Rewards points for surveys completed
Entries to win a share of $5,000 for completing surveys
Entries for screen outs (not qualifying)
Annual rewards pay out to members 200,000,000 points
($2 million dollars)
+ $5,000 competition prizes
$5,000 competition prizes unknown

Every time you complete an online survey that only gives you a chance to win, you are contributing towards a reduction in rewards payouts across all paid survey web sites!

How can that happen? Here's a simple overview of the market forces that can cause this:

Step 1: Members complete surveys on survey web sites that only give a chance to win, not guaranteed rewards. The total cost to reward members with a chance to win competition is very low, typically only $5,000 per year, to be shared by hundreds of thousands of members;

Step 2: Because these survey web sites have a low cost for rewarding their members, they are able to charge their market research clients a much lower price for the surveys;

Step 3: To remain competitive in the online survey market, RewardsCentral must lower its survey prices, and to remain profitable RewardsCentral must therefore lower its rewards payout to members.

RewardsCentral has a "Fair Rewards Policy" - members should receive the rewards they deserve.

If you want to protect your survey rewards, think before you complete any surveys online.

  • Does the survey web site give you guaranteed rewards, not just an entry into a competition? RewardsCentral gives both reward points and competition entries when you complete a survey.
  • Does the survey web site give you an entry to win when screened-out, not just entries for surveys completed? RewardsCentral gives you entries for a chance to win cash when you are screened-out.