Traditional Cash Out

Traditional Cash Out

How do I cash out my rewards and get real money?

Once you have accumulated as least 4,200 RewardsCentral reward points, you can request to cash out your rewards on the Traditional Cash Out page. You will only be able to request a cash out if you have verified your account. From the Traditional Cash Out page, follow these simple steps:

  1. If you are requesting a Traditional Cash Out for the first time, the cash out form will ask you to check your Account name is correct. Then enter your BSB and account number. If you have requested a Traditional Cash Out before, you can change your bank account details before requesting a cash out again by going to the Account Settings page and clicking 'Edit' to the right of your Bank Account details;
  2. Select your cash out value (4,200 points for a $30 cash out, or 11,200 points for a $100 cash out) and press Submit Request;
  3. Carefully check your account details are correct and then press Confirm account details;
  4. Confirm your cash out request details are correct and then press Submit your request now to complete your cash out request.
RewardsCentral will charge an administration fee of 500 points if your bank account details are incorrect and the direct deposit is returned to us.

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Why can't I request a Traditional Cash Out?

In order to request a Traditional Cash Out, your RewardsCentral account must be fully verified.

When will I get my Cash Out?
Direct deposits are processed only once a month, and there is a mandatory waiting period of 4 weeks. This means it will be at least 5 weeks, and possibly up to 8 weeks or more, before you receive your direct deposit.

You should only enquire about a delayed direct deposit if it has been at least 8 weeks since you requested it.

My bank account name is different to my RewardsCentral account name. What should I do?

On the Traditional Cash Out form, your bank account name is automatically set to the name that is currently on file with us. You will not be able to change your bank account name using the Traditional Cash Out form.

If when you joined you entered a false name, or if for some reason you have changed your name (such as by marriage), there is a process you must go through to change the name we have on file for you.

RewardsCentral will charge an administration fee of 500 points if your bank account details are incorrect and the direct deposit is returned to us.

You cannot have your cash out deposited into another person's bank account or a company bank account. It must be deposited into your personal bank account.

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I want to deposit my Traditional Cash Out into a joint bank account. What should I do?
Before you request a Traditional Cash Out via Direct Deposit, you will need to contact RewardsCentral first and inform us of the joint bank account name you wish to have the money deposited into. Once you have been notified that the amendments have been made, you can then proceed to request a Traditional Cash Out. If you do not contact us before you request a Traditional Cash Out, your deposit may not go through and you will incur an administration fee of 500 points if the deposit is returned to us.

Where can I find my BSB number?
There are a number of ways you can find your BSB number:
  • Check your bank statement - it's usually in the top right corner, above your bank account number. It is a hyphenated six digit number e.g. 123-456;
  • Check your personal cheques - it's the second group of numbers, after the cheque number;
  • Check your deposit book slips if you have a deposit book;
  • Call your bank.

Are my bank account details safe?
Your bank account details will only be used to transfer funds to your bank account for Traditional Cash Out requests and will not be used for any other purpose. Your bank account details are perfectly safe. For more information, please refer to the RewardsCentral Privacy Policy.

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