RewardsCentral Exp

RewardsCentral Exp

What is RewardsCentral Exp?
Exp is how RewardsCentral tracks your loyalty and experience as a RewardsCentral member.

When you join, your Exp is 0, and as you visit the RewardsCentral web site, and "do stuff" on the site, your Exp grows. For example, you'll get 15 Exp the first time you earn points from a Email Offers email.

More Exp means more benefits and privileges for you.

Why does RewardsCentral track Exp?
A RewardsCentral member's points balance will go up and down as the member earns and then redeems rewards, and so using reward points to gauge whether someone is an experienced and loyal member is inaccurate. Since Exp is cumulative and never expires, it is a great way to determine how experienced a member is.

We feel that experienced and loyal RewardsCentral members deserve special privileges. So to qualify for a benefit or privilege, you just need to accumulate enough Exp.

How do I use my Exp?
You cannot 'use' or spend your Exp. Your Exp is just a measure of your experience level. As you meet qualification requirements, your benefits will automatically kick in.

How do I get more Exp?
Looking at your Exp statement, you will see that there are two basic ways to accumulate Exp.

The first way involves doing basic RewardsCentral tasks for the first time. We call these Once-offs. You will only get Exp the very first time you do something from the Once-offs list.

The second method comes down to logging in to the web site regularly.

  • You will get 1 Exp for logging in to RewardsCentral at least once each week. The maximum Exp you can earn for logging in is 1 Exp per week, regardless of the number of times you login.

When will I get my Exp?
Sometimes your Exp will not be awarded immediately. For example, if you requested a cash out, your Exp will not be awarded until your cash out request has been processed and the money has been transferred into your bank account. In some cases this may take up to 2 months.

Do I lose my Exp when I qualify for a benefit?
When you reach a certain level of Exp that qualifies you for something, you will still keep that Exp. You don't have to 'redeem' Exp at all.

Can I convert Exp to points?
No you cannot convert Exp into reward points.

Why does my Exp not add up to the total shown?
Your total Exp may be greater than the sum of the items shown in your statement. This is because in the past you may have earned Exp for a feature that has since been removed from the RewardsCentral website and hence removed from the Exp statement.

How do I get miscellaneous or special bonus Exp?
There is nothing in particular that you can do to earn special bonus Exp. Bonus Exp is given out at different times, and for different reasons.

What does the star next to my username mean?
The star and status level next to your username is a badge representing the level of Exp you have attained. As your Exp balance grows, the colour of your star and your status level changes.

Star Status Level Exp
Newcomer – 0-99 Exp Newcomer 0-99
Novice 100+ Exp Novice 100-299
Enthusiast 300+ Exp Enthusiast 300-599
Expert 600+ Exp Expert 600-1,199
Master 1,200+ Exp Master 1,200-2,399
Legend 2,400+ Exp Legend 2,400+

Your star and status level are displayed at the top of the page when you are signed in to RewardsCentral.

I have been a member for a long time, so why am I still a Newcomer or Novice?
Your star colour and status level are not related to the length of time you have been a member. They are related to your Exp balance. Exp is a measure of your experience as a RewardsCentral member. So to progress from "Newcomer" or "Novice" to the higher status levels, you must actually participate and be an active member of the program to earn more Exp.

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