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What happened to RewardsCentral Online Shopping?

RewardsCentral has partnered with to bring you a new and upgraded online shopping rewards experience. With a larger range of stores to choose from, more rewards, and no manual claims, you can earn even more with!

Any rewards you earn at Cashrewards can be transferred back to RewardsCentral points.

The email address shown is not my Cashrewards email address. How do I change it?

To transfer Cashrewards to RewardsCentral, the email address in your Cashrewards account must match the email address in your RewardsCentral account. If these are not an exact match, your transfer may be rejected, and this will incur a fee of 200 points.

To ensure they match, simply change and verify your email address in either Cashrewards or in RewardsCentral to the matching email address.

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