Gold Membership

RewardsCentral Gold

Upgrade your membership to RewardsCentral Gold and your RewardsCentral experience will become even more rewarding.

For a very small fee you can enjoy membership of Australia's most prestigious online rewards club, RewardsCentral Gold. You can even pay the fee with your RewardsCentral Reward Points.

You'll enjoy these exclusive Gold member privileges:
  • Better redemption rates for Instant Cash Out - redeem your points sooner;
  • Bonus interest on all eBank deposits, when you use the GoldBank;
  • Continue to earn 3 points per day for the Quick Survey even if you have no questions available to you;
  • Earn 150 points and 120 Exp as a bonus just for upgrading;
  • Premium member services including priority email reply;
  • Priority share options if RewardsCentral is to be listed on the ASX.

Enjoy the Benefits - Upgrade to Gold

With RewardsCentral Gold, you will enjoy all of these extra benefits in addition to those you already enjoy as an RewardsCentral member. So don't wait - upgrade now to Australia's most prestigious online rewards club.

Additional terms & conditions apply to RewardsCentral Gold Membership.

Upgrade to RewardsCentral Gold now

RewardsCentral Gold membership upgrades are temporarily unavailable.

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RewardsCentral Gold membership is just $66 or 6600 points for 3 years. Please select one of the following payment methods to continue.

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$66 for 3 years